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Puppy care tips – How to care for your new puppy

Corgi Puppy CareBringing home a new puppy can be a very exciting time especially if you have young children.  Here are some puppy care tips for the whole family.

Eventually as your puppy gets older he or she will know how to follow all the rules of your home but for a while, likely many months, your new puppy will be learning the rules.  When it comes to puppy care, patience is key to helping your new corgi puppy learn what is expected of them and how to follow the house rules.  Your puppy has a lot to learn in a short time. Eventually your playful puppy and will develop into a well mannered adult dog with the right guidance from you and proper socialization.  Puppy care and beginning training done in a positive manner should began right when your little corgi puppy arrives home.

Common Puppy Care Problems

Similar to new babies, caring for a puppy can be a lot of work! Most new owners are bound to have some difficulties within just a few days of your puppy coming home. Some of the most common problems with caring for a new puppy are:

  • Yipping at night
  • Diarrhea from food and water changes

Often the first night at home your puppy will yip. Many puppies will yip all night long. Think about it from your puppy’s perspective.  As much as your puppy seems to love you, and your family, your puppy has just been taken from everything he or she knows, no more litter mates, and no more mama, everything is new. Don’t worry after a few nights of adjusting your puppy will become accustomed to your home and the yipping should stop. On the other, you may get lucky and have a puppy that doesn’t yip it at all.

Often new puppy owners will find their puppy has diarrhea after being in their home a few days.  This is very common puppy care problem and is normally from a change in food or water.  I recommend feeding your puppy the same brand and type of puppy food the breeder was feeding the puppy.  I also recommend giving your puppy bottled water.  If diarrhea persists for more than a day or so, you should take your puppy to the vet, just to make sure everything is okay.

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Puppy Care – How old should your new puppy be when you bring him or her home?

The best time to bring home a puppy is when the puppy is at least eight weeks of age. In some states this is actually law. Many breeders feel nine weeks is a better age to bring a new puppy home.

Eight Week Old Puppy Care

An eight week old puppy can be both very curious and fearful of their environment. You will need to puppy proof your home. At this sensitive age anything that is done to the puppy may cause lifelong fears, or fears the puppy could eventually outgrow. You should allow your puppy to explore your home and take time to adjust to their new surroundings. The more sites, sounds, and people your puppy meets at this critical age will help to minimize your puppy’s fears. This fearful stage will only last a few weeks.

An eight week old puppy should have all 28 of their milk teeth or puppy teeth. Your puppy will have the ability to hold their bladders  2-3 hours. Puppies of this age should be given bathroom breaks at least every three hours. Larger breeds may be able to hold their bladders longer than smaller breeds.

At eight weeks old your puppy is old enough to start with crate training process. Follow this dog potty training plan.

Make sure you get your puppy checked out with your veterinarian and get their shots.

10 Week Old Puppy Care

A 10 week old puppy is a ball of energy. At 10 weeks old your puppy should be introduced to new positive situation and things everyday. Let your dog explore on their own in a safe environment never push your dog because it could scare them. The more good experiences you can expose your puppy to at this age the better. Things that you want your puppy to be doing when they are grown-up should also be done now at this tender age. If you plan on traveling with your dog then take your puppy for a car ride.

Puppy care done in a positive manner should began right when you bring your puppy home.

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