Corgi Socks! A Must Have For Any Corgi Lover

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I Found Corgi Socks!

As you can see below, these aren’t socks for your dog but rather socks you wear.  I can’t resist corgi socks, they are just too cute.  Wearing themed socks is fun, I love them and they last for years.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find these corgi socks for sale!  My family and friends  think I’m nuts getting so excited about a pair of corgi socks but if you love your corgi, like I love my corgi, then you will  probably understand my excitement!

Click here to see all the different Corgi Socks.

I’ve seen corgi socks for sale at sock shops at tourist traps, like San Francisco’s Pier 31, and Old Town Sacramento but they never have more than one type of corgi sock to choose from.  Well I found the best deals and selection at Amazon.  Woo hoo!  Below are my favorite 3 pairs.

Cute Corgi Socks

Corgi Socks 1

Corgi Socks 2

Corgi Socks 6

Don’t you just love them?  There are many reason to love Novelty socks:

  • They make great inexpensive gifts!
  • They are an inexpensive useful way to splurge on yourself
  • Kids love them
  • Adults love them
  • They make great stocking stuffers
  • They make great gifts for people who have everything
  • These socks are great conversation starters
  • Corgi socks are fun
  • Novelty socks are a great gift for the sick or elderly
  • If you have to wear socks, they might as well be cute socks
  • People with cold feet love novelty socks
  • People who are married to people with cold feet love novelty socks 😀

If corgi socks aren’t your thing, you can find different dog breeds and other themed novelty socks by clicking here.

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