Corgi Training – Different Types of Training

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Corgi training takes on many different forms. Typically Corgi training is done for basic obedience and housebreaking. There are different types of training of dogs.

Corgi Training – Top 3 Types of Dog Training

There are many types of corgi training, here are three of the most common.

Obedience Corgi Training

Corgi TrainingThis is the typical type of dog training you would expect which is typical of house dogs. Basic commands include: Sit, down, heel, and stay. There are many benefits to giving your Corgi obedience training. Corgi training done right, will be a bonding experience between you and your dog.  Lines of communication will open up. Obedience training will give your dog boundaries and make your dog more responsible to you and members of your family. Good manners are another good side effect of training. Corgi training will also help to prevent your dog from becoming confused and will help prevent behavior problems and bad habits.

Show Dog Training

Show dog training is necessary if you plan on showing your registered purebred Corgi. For information on how to properly train a Corgi for show, you should contact your local pet association or kennel club which should be able to point you in the right direction of trainers knowledgeable in show dog training and Pembroke Welsh Corgi temperament. Show dog training is much more difficult than obedience training for the inexperienced trainer, proper posture, grace, and elegance are necessary in addition to obedience.

Herding Dog Training

Corgi’s are natural herders but learning to teach your dog or group of dogs to herd will take time and patience. Herd training can be accomplished with an older dog, it’s best to start training with a puppy. Puppies with natural herding instincts are ideal. Training should take place with just one dog at a time because controlling several learning dogs at once can become confusing to the dogs. If you have never done herding dog training before then it’s best to get some additional information on training tricks and methods.

Corgi training can be a positive experience for you and your beloved Corgi.

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