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Stop Dog ChewingOne of the most common dog behavior problems people encounter is how to stop dog chewing.  If you have a dog or a puppy then you have probably found your belongings chewed up at one time or another?  Or maybe your favorite flip flops were destroyed by your dog?  Some people have had worse happen, they will leave the house for just a little while and come back home to find their leather sofa destroyed, or their new living room carpet lifted up and chewed on.

What can you do to stop dog chewing?

To find the solution to stop dog chewing, you will need to figure out why your dog is chewing up your stuff.  There are several different reasons why your dog is chewing up your belongs.

Top Reasons Why Dogs Chew

  1. Puppy Teething – A puppy, just like a baby goes through teething.  Teething usually lasts until about six months of age.  A puppy will chew on just about anything and everything.  The chewing helps to relieve the pain of teething.
  2. Curiosity – A curious dog or puppy will chew things up just because they really don’t know they aren’t supposed to chew up your stuff.  Your dog is trying to figure out things and like a human baby, who puts everything into their mouth, your puppy will also put things into their mouths.
  3. Boredom – A bored dog is a dog who may chew things up.  If your dog has a lack of excitement or fun, then the dog will create their own excitement or fun such as chewing up your favorite shoes.  This is your dogs way of relieving boredom, anxiety, and stress.  You may find your dog is most destructive while you are away from home?  If so, this type of behavior is likely due to being separated from you.  The solution would be to keep your dog confined so he or she won’t get the opportunity to destroy your belongings.
  4. Chewing Feels Good – Dogs naturally love to chew, it just feels so good to them.  Your dog may not realize chewing up your belongings or the furniture isn’t acceptable behavior.

Stop Dog Chewing – End Dog Behavior Problems

Your puppy should outgrow the teething phase when he or she reaches about 6 months of age.  Give your puppy plenty of dog toys to chew on while they are teething.  Don’t leave your puppy alone with your belongings or the puppy teething could develop into a bad habit which will be hard to break.

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Eliminate the temptation.  If you know your dog loves to chew on sofa pillows, then remove the pillows from the sofa.  If your dog likes to chew up your shoes whenever you cook, then before you start cooking, put your shoes out of reach from your dog.

Another effective method to stop dog chewing is to watch your dog at all times.  If this isn’t possible, then contain your dog to his or her crate or the backyard when you aren’t able to keep an eye on him or her.  This works because you are effectively eliminating any opportunity your dog may have to chew up your stuff.

A method I have found which is very effective is to keep my corgi on a leash in the house.  This insures my corgi is always by my side and she doesn’t get the opportunity to chew up anything without me seeing what’s going on.  If I’m sitting at the computer, I’ll slip the handle end of the leash on the leg of the chair, this way I won’t have to actually hold the leash.

If you do catch your dog chewing up your belongings, it’s vital that you only correct the behavior if you catch your dog while he or she is in the process of chewing.  Give your dog a firm “No” command and then give them a dog toy which her or she is supposed to chew on or play with and then praise your dog.

If you are consistent your furry friend will stop dog chewing.

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