Dog Clicker Training To Calm an Aggressive Dog

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Using dog clicker training to calm an aggressive dog is a very effective method.  Dog clicker training is one of the easiest methods to teach your dog basic commands, such as sit and lay down but you can also use clicker training to calm an aggressive dog.   Like all methods of dog training, patience is a must.    Your dog may not “get it” right away but with patience they will soon catch on.

Why Dog Clicker Training Works

As you probably know, dog have excellent hearing.  Clickers can be heard by dogs from quite a distance away, even in noisy environments, such as traffic.  When you use dog clicker training on your dog, essentially what you will be doing is training your dog to associate the sound of the clicker with praise from you.

Getting started with dog clicker training is fairly easy.  You will need to purchase a clicker.  Buy a good quality clicker, this should cost $5 – $8.  You will also need some of your dog’s favorite snacks.  Small pieces are what you will be needing, their are special treats you may purchase specifically for training.  Rewarding your dog with food, each time they doing something correctly and they will catch on fast.  When dog clicker training, you will also reward your dog with a click of the dog clicker, a bit of their favorite treat, and heaps of praise.  This will positively reinforce your dog’s desire to please you and get a reward. Dogs are eager to please, love food, and attention, this is why dog clicker training works so well.

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Average Rating:
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Before starting the dog clicker training you should also pick out words you will use for the commands you are wanting your dog to perform.   It’s crucial that you be consistent in your using the same word for the same command.

For example:  If you want to teach your dog to sit, use the command, “sit”.  What you don’t want to do is to use the command, “Sit”, a few times and then change the command to “Take a seat”.  This will only confuse your dog.

Dog Clicker Training To Calm an Aggressive Dog
Dog Clicker Training

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If you have an aggressive dog, this book may be just what you need to calm your dog down. The book contains “recipes” for calming an aggressive dog through dog clicker training. This is solid practical advice for training the aggressive dog.

Identify what is causing your dog’s aggression.  Learn about how your own body language may be reinforcing aggressive dog behavior.  Discover simple steps you can take to help calm down your aggressive dog.

Aggressive dog training and calming through dog clicker training will help you easy your dog’s fears and redirect negative behaviors.

Click To Calm – Healing The Aggressive Dog Details

  • Desensitize your dog – Stop dog on dog aggression problems
  • You will learn how to grab your dog’s collar without your dog biting you
  • Methods to teach your dog how to calm down
  • Learn proper body language for dealing with an aggressive dog
  • Recipes for calming down an aggressive dog
  • Customer Rating: 4 stars out of 5 by over 27 people. Click here to read the full reviews.

What customers are saying about Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog

…Her “recipes” are clear and concise – refreshing for us experienced trainers and lifesavers for inexperienced dog owners. She covers so many topics relating to inappropriate aggression in dogs, including general dog-dog and dog-people (including children) aggression, resource guarding, and multiple dog households. She gives solid advice for managing the household and for training new behaviors….

This book contains excellent descriptions of techniques that helped me make noticeable progress with my own difficult dog….

Easy to read. Easy to use. Professional knowledge of click and treat. Gives reasons, examples, and tries to make this fun for a serious problem if you have a dog that is agressive or fearful and reacts with lunging and growling. Gives hope to those owners who have this type of dog. The lessons are easy to understand. They are workable, and most important, they are working

Dog Clicker Training For Aggressive Dog Pros

  • Clicker training has been proven to work.
  • The book is easy to read and the clicker training methods are easy to implement.
  • Calm your aggressive dog using positive reinforcement.
  • Learn how to calm your dog down in stressful situation.
  • The book is very detailed, with step by step “recipes” for solving aggressive dog problems.
  • The book covers dogs with fear aggression issues and basic obedience training.

Dog Clicker Training For Aggressive Dog Cons

  • Clicker training an aggressive dog to calm down requires a lot of patience and time. This isn’t a “miracle solution”.
  • The book may not be enough for an overly aggressive dog. Training classes may also be necessary.
  • The book doesn’t have any pictures.
  • The book doesn’t explore possible health related reasons why a dog may be aggressive.

Conclusion: Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog is an excellent book. You will learn how to use clicker training and positive reinforcement to help calm your aggressive dog. The book covers dog on dog aggression and biting issues.

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