Dog Marking in The House – Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Mark

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Dog marking in the house can be a nightmare to deal with. Your house could reek of dog urine and you may feel as though you have tried every thing possible to house train your dog but still the marking continues.

Is Your Dog Marking in The House?

Dog Marking in The HouseThere are many reasons why dogs will break housetraining and mark the house. Sometimes the issues may not be distinguishable between housetraining relapses and medical problems.

If you have a male dog marking indoors on upright objects or if you feel as though your dog is hiding to mark, you may thing the marking is intentional. If you find dog urinating on a bed the dog sleeps on, this could indicate incontinence issues although some dogs do actually urinate their beds and do not have incontinence. Diarrhea accidents could be a sign of your dog being under stress or a possible physiological problem.

Top 3 Reasons for a Dog Marking in The House

Studies by experts in canine behavior have identified the most common reasons for behavioral dog marking in the house.

Submissive Urination

Submissive urination and a dog urinating when they are overly excited is a behavior a dog may not be capable of controlling. This type of behavior is a physical reaction to social stimulus. May puppies under age 1 will suffer from submissive urination and excitement urination. Signs of submissive urination and urination when excited include: Dogs who dribble urine when they are excited to see their owners come home or when the dog is scolded or in the presence of other dogs.

Dog Marking Territory

A dog marking in the house may be due to a dog  marking its territory.  This behavior can be identified when you see your dog making small squirts of urine on several objects in your home. The dogs most likely to mark territory in the house are unaltered male dogs older than 6 months. Some spayed female dogs and neutered male dogs also are able to display this sort of behavior. Dogs who are marking their territory in the house will seldom defecate in the house. These dogs are marking the house because they feel the need to claim their territory. Often there are other dogs in the home or the dog can see other dogs (and cats) through the house window and feel the need to claim their territory. Sometimes changes within the household will also cause the dog to feel the need to mark the house. Bringing home a new baby or even a new spouse may cause a dog to mark.

Canine Anxiety

Increased anxiety may cause a dog marking in the house some dogs will also defecate in the house due to anxiety issues. If your dog is suffering from a case of separation anxiety they may have frequent accidents whenever the dogs favorite person has left the house.   Remember dogs are pack animals so when you leave your dog, in your dogs eyes you are breaking up the back which causes some dogs a lot of anxiety.  Sometimes dogs may refuse to go to the bathroom outdoors all together. Reasons for this type of fear include: Outdoor noises, fear of other animals outdoors and many more reasons. Some dogs don’t like to go outdoors when its raining or the grass is wet. Snow on the ground is another reason why many dogs will not go outdoors to go to the bathroom. Some dogs even refuse to go to the bathrooms outdoors in the presence of their owners.

Dog marking in the house is a situation no one wants to be in but with a little investigation, hopefully you can get to the root cause of the dog marking.

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