Dog Potty Training – How to House Train Your Puppy in Just 7 Days

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Dog Potty Training 2Do you have a new puppy and have no idea how to start the dog potty training process? Just about anyone can be successful at dog potty training. They keys are consistency and avoiding the common mistakes new owners often make.

The biggest mistake dog owners can make is to scold the puppy while the puppy is in the process of going to the bathroom. Contrary to popular belief, if you scold your puppy while they are going to the bathroom, the puppy will associate going to the bathroom as being naughty and will soon be hiding to go to bathroom. This will result in your puppy pooping and peeing in closets, under beds, etc. Avoid temptation. If your puppy has an accident in the house do NOT yell at her or him, instead very calmly escort your dog outside. Then when the dog isn’t looking, clean up the mess with soap or a clean which will get rid of the urine smell.

Use a Positive Approach When Dog Potty Training

A positive approach is most effective when dog potty training. With a positive approach, your dog won’t associate going to the bathroom with being punished or scolded. One of the best things you can do when dog potty training is to set up a schedule and stick to it. No matter what is going on, you need to commit to sticking to the schedule. Adhering to the dog potty training schedule will help your puppy to potty train fast, sometimes as fast as seven days or even less!

Dog Potty Training – Crate Training Sample Schedule

6:00 am – Get up and immediately remove your puppy from his or her crate and take it to the area where you want it to go to the bathroom. Don’t distract or rush your puppy. Allow the puppy to concentrate on doing his or her potty business.   When the puppy starts to go to the bathroom, both pooping or peeing, praise your puppy and give a repetitive command, for example, “Go Poop, Go Poop”. When your puppy is done going to the bathroom give even more praise and a treat if your puppy loves them. Once your puppy is done doing its business return the puppy to the crate.

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7:00 am – An hour later, feed your puppy and then within 15 minutes take him or her outside to the potty area. Give them the potty command. Be sure to again praise your puppy when it goes to the bathroom. When the puppy is done doing it’s business, the puppy should again be immediately returned to this or her crate and remain there until the next bathroom break.

10:00 am – It’s time for another potty break. Again remove your puppy from the crate and immediately take the puppy outside to the potty area. Give the potty command repetitively and the praise the dog for a job well done. Your puppy should again be returned to the crate until the next potty break.

Noon – Time for another potty break. Follow the same routine and don’t rush the dog. After the potty break, bring your puppy back inside, feed him or her lunch and have some play time. Then again return the puppy to his or her crate.

3:00 – Time for another potty break!

5:00 – Time to take your puppy out for a potty break and then bring him back inside and feed him or her some dinner. This time you can leave your puppy out of the crate until the next potty break. During this time, you should play with the puppy as much as possible, this is a bonding time. It’s also a good idea to get your puppy as tired as possible so they will sleep through the night. Make sure you keep a good eye on your puppy during this time. Watch for sniffing behavior which could indicate your puppy is getting ready to go to the bathroom. If this happens take him outside for another potty break. If you are too busy to watch the puppy for some reason, then return the puppy to it’s crate.

8:30 pm – Time for another potty break. Even if your puppy is already sleeping, you should wake them up and take them for a potty break. Again, follow the same pattern of giving the potty command and praising the dog. You will then put the puppy back in its crate for the night.

Tomorrow start the routine over again and repeat until your puppy has mastered dog potty training.

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First of all I’d like to say I LOVE your website. I never knew how much I love corgis until I found this site (yesterday). It was love at first sight.

I have a question about the potty training schedule. After every time the puppy has been to the toilet, you write ”Your puppy should again be returned to the crate until the next potty break.” and I wonder what you mean by that? Am I suppose to have my puppy in a box? That sounds weird, sorry. :) I should say also I do not have English as my first language so maybe I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Do you mean maybe that the puppy need to have one room to be in?

If you don’t have time to answer it is fine. I will google it. But I thought I would ask. :)



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