Dog Potty Training – Why So Many Accidents?

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Dog Potty Training – Find Out Why Your Dog Is Having So Many Accidents

Dog Potty TrainingFor anyone who is having problems with dog potty training, the fastest method of getting around the issue and make a diagnosis would be to know your dog’s background.  Understanding how your pet dog may be behaving in your house brings important info to the vet helping to narrow diagnosing.  Here’s tips on how to help your vet identify the dog potty training issues your dog may be experiencing:

  1. Regarding urinary mishaps, take note when your dog is wetting more frequently; generating typical, smaller or more substantial quantities of pee; dribbling when walking dripping while laid back or resting; or perhaps wetting whenever stimulated or frightened.
  2. Regarding bowel mishaps, please take a small sample to the vet.  Should your dog defecate while in front of you, does he or she seem to be pushing or perhaps pooping whilst he or she is walks up-right?  Take a good look at the poops, do they look runny, loose, firm or hard?  Do they have bloody or mucousy streaks?  Do the poops seem to be fluffy and a larger quantity than what is normal for your dog? How often is your dog pooping?
  3. Another thing you should report to your dogs vet is any changes in the volume of water your dog is drinking, any vomiting which may be happening, and increased or decreased appetite.  Has your dog’s weight changed?  Has your dogs skin or coat gone through any recent changes?  Does your dog appear more sleepy than whats normal for him or her?  Also changes in behavior such as panting, fearfulness, panting, lameness, and having a hard time getting up should all be reported to the vet to help figure out why you are having dog potty training issues.
  4. Think back to any changes which may have occurred about the same time your dog started having an increase in accidents. Changes like the birth of a baby are sometimes enough to cause a dog to lapse in their potty training habits. In addition to changes in the living environment, any changes in diet and or medications and supplements could also cause a problem with your dogs bowels. If your dog has recently experienced trauma or an extremely stressful event, this could also cause issues with potty training. {Be sure to report anything new to your dog’s veterinarian.|Anything you can think of may help your dog’s vet in determining what is causing your dogs lapse in potty training.}

A Common Dog Potty Training Mistake – With Holding Water

Many owners may be tempted to reduce the water intake of their dogs, figuring that less water will result in less peeing accidents.  This is frequently done at night or while the owners are away from home for extended periods of time.

When Dog Potty Training – Do Not Withhold Water

With holding water from your dog would be a VERY dangerous thing to attempt and it’s is NOT advised, even when dog potty training. Medical problems such as urinary tract infections and kidney problems are common in dogs who don’t get enough water to drink.   Furthermore, withholding water from your dog could result in total kidney failure, if your dog has a low grade kidney problem you may or may not be aware of.

Another side effect of withholding water is it could lead to new problems or make a pre-existing health problem worse. Some people feel many young dogs love drinking water just for fun and don’t actually need all that water.  These dogs typically are just drinking to play in the water. In cases like this, where the dog is mostly playing in the water, restricting the amount of water the dog has access to, yet still letting him or her get their required amount should be fine but before doing so, check with your dogs vet to find out how much water your dog should be drinking. If your dog does like playing in water, chances are they will like playing in water their whole lives.  If you feel as if your dog is just drinking water for fun, discuss your finding with your vet and get an examine to make sure there isn’t a health issue causing the dogs increase thirst.

Dog potty training can be a stressful time in your dog and your family life keeping your cool and remaining consistent is essential for success.

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