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How to Get Rid of Fleas – Finally Flea Control That Works

Flea ControlNormally, by the time you figure you have fleas in your house, the fleas aren’t just on your pet anymore.  The fleas are in your bedding, carpet, and furniture.  If you are like most people, you will rush to the store and buy a flea collar and start vacuuming your house daily.  Then after a few days of your family getting flea bites, you will probably go to the store again and put some flea shampoo, flea bombs, etc., and keep up the vacuuming schedule.  By then another batch of flea eggs will hatch, and you will likely find yourself with a whole new crop of fleas.  How do I know all this?  Unfortunately, I’ve had first hand experience and have had my kids and my ankles ate up with flea bites.  Flea products seemed to help for a few days, and then the fleas would be back.  I was at my wits end.

Does Your Pet Really Have Fleas?

You’ll need to confirm your pet really does have fleas by doing a visual inspection.  Fleas are so small, they look like a little speck of black pepper and the eggs they leave behind resemble a grain of salt.  If you suspect fleas you may notice your pet licking their behind, this is where fleas like to hang out.  A great way to find out if your pet has fleas is to give your dog or cat a bath.  Look at the bath water, you may see fleas floating in the water or see fleas which have sunk to the bottom of the bath water.  Another way to find out if your pet has fleas is with a flea comb.  Run a flea comb through your pet’s fur.  You may find fleas or flea feces.  Of course you can also inspect family members.  Fleas like to bite warm areas like ankles.  If you find bites on your ankles, then you probably have a flea infestation.

Now that you have determined you are dealing with a flea infestation its time to get rid of fleas.  Whatever you do, do NOT put off flea control a single day.  Did you know that an adult female flea can lay over 50 eggs per day?!  Every single day you put off flea control, your flea infestation will become progressively worse.

Get Rid of Fleas – Flea Control That Works With One Treatment

Get Rid of FleasThe single most effective get rid of fleas – flea control that I have ever found is Fleabusters RX.  This is a very fine powder which is sprinkled over your carpet and then rubbed in with a broom.  It doesn’t take much to work either.  I lightly sprinkled the powder over my carpets, very similar to what you would do with a carpet deodorizer powder, and then I got the broom and pushed the powder down into the carpet.  I treated my living room and all the bedrooms.  I used about half a container of Fleabusters RX.  Since my small rat terrier gets on the couch, I also put some powder under the couch cushions.  I also applied the powder under the dog bed cushions.

To tell the truth, when I ordered this product from, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot.  I’d already tried just about every flea spray, flea powder, flea bomb, flea shampoo, and flea collar available at my local Walmart.  For a few days, I would think I was winning the battle of flea control only to have the fleas come back with friends a few days later.  I paid extra for shipping because I was so desperate.  Our flea infestation was so terrible, the bites on my ankles would keep me up at night.   My kids were having the same problem with itchy bites on the ankles.

A few days after applying Fleabusters RX, I began to notice the kids and I didn’t have any fresh flea bites.  At this point, I still wasn’t getting too excited and was thinking the fleas would be back with friends, like what had happened to me with the other get rid of fleas products I had used to try and kill the fleas.

Two full weeks after applying Fleabusters RX to get rid of fleas, we were completely flea free!  A full year later we were still completely flea free but I decided to apply Fleabusters RX again as a preventative measure.  Now it’s been two years since we got serious about getting  rid of fleas and we are still completely flea free!

Another benefit of using Fleabusters RX is we not only got rid of our fleas but we also haven’t had any ants in the house either.  The manufacturer doesn’t say this product will control ants but I haven’t had any ants for two years and prior to using Fleabusters RX, I used to have ant problems a few times a year.

At the time I purchased Fleabusters RX I paid $36 for a bottle but it looks like (at the time this article was written) the price had dropped to under $30.

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