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Healthy Dog FoodHow important is healthy dog food for your dog?  We all know junk food isn’t good for people. Eating lots of processed, fast foods and soon you will begin to feel moody, look dumpy, and have a lack of energy. In contrast, people who eat sweet junk foods could actually end up hyper. Most people try to steer clear of eating junk foods and instead choose to eat a diet which is healthy for the body. Parents limit the junk foods their children eat. What about your dog? Are you feeding him or her junk foods?

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your dog is eating the best healthy dog food possible. If you choose to feed your dog a diet of overly processed and poorly formulated foods and you are choosing to feed your dog the equivalent of a junk dog food diet. Dogs who eat foods which aren’t good for them tend to be more hyper or easily aggravated. By choosing to feed foods which are good for your dog you can actually have a more well behaved dog.

Deciding on whether or not you are feeding your dog a well balanced nutritional healthy diet can be a little more than confusing. You may think you are providing your dog with the best possible nutritional sound healthy dog food, but are you really? How do you know?

The good news is not all dog foods are bad, in fact the majority are quite good. There are some ingredients in dog foods which you should avoid. These fillers can cause your dog’s digestion to become difficult and may result in your dog not feeling so good.

Here’s what you can do to pick the best healthy dog food

  1. Stick with dry foods. Your dog may love canned foods but they aren’t necessarily good for your dog. Canned foods are full of preservatives which keep the food from rotting. Food with preservatives should be avoided. Canned foods are also boiled in the canning process. Dog foods boiled at high temperatures have decreased nutritional values.
  2. Grains as Fillers. Some grains are difficult on a dog’s digestive system and should be avoided. These include: Corn, soy, wheat gluten ,and corn gluten.
  3. Animal by products. Animal by products are the leftover parts of animals which are general considered non consumable. These include feet, hooves, necks, etc.

Feeding Healthy Fog Food has Many Possible Benefits

  • Extend the life of your dog
  • Improved behavior, your dog will listen to you better, sleep better, play better and feel better

Consider Making Your Own Healthy Dog Food

Making your own healthy dog food takes all the guess work out of whether or not you are feeding your dog a healthy diet. By choosing to prepare healthy dog foods in your own kitchen, you will know you are giving your dog the best, most nutritious food possible which is chemical and preservative free. There won’t be any hard to digest fillers.  Your dog will love the healthy dog food you make.  You won’t be stuck in the kitchen cooking for your dog every night either.  You can make up a big batch healthy dog food and keep a few days worth in the refrigerator and freeze the rest in individual sized servings.  If you are currently buying high end foods for your dog, you can actually save money by making your own healthy dog food at home.  Another option would be to feed your dog a combination of a healthy commercial dog food and homemade healthy dog food.

Here’s a great resource for 245 healthy dog food recipes. If you don’t see a dramatic improvement in your dog’s behavior, happiness and health the author, Dr. John Miller will give you your money back. There’s a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Click here to find out more information.

Below are some great free healthy dog food recipes, which I have made for my corgi. They are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find and inexpensive.

Healthy Dog Food Recipes

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