How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of Carpet

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When potty training a puppy or adult dog there are bound to be accidents and along with accidents come that dreaded dog urine smell which can stick up your entire house.  Dog urine smell is especially hard to get out of carpeted areas.  Chances are if someone has a dog and carpet they have faced this problem before when potty training a dog.

If you aren’t sure where your dog is urinating, there are special ultraviolet lights you can use to see exactly where your dog is having accidents.

There are numerous ways to remove dog urine smell from carpeted areas.  Unfortunately, most of these cleaning methods only mask the dog urine smell and end up leaving your house smelling and feeling musky.  There are plenty of products with a lot of hype but what products really remove that nasty dog urine smell?

How to Remove Dog Urine Smell from Carpet

How to Get Dog Urine Smell Out of CarpetIs your house smelling funky and you suspect your dog has been having more than a few accidents?  Or maybe you have stepped in a wet spot on the ground and you know the only explanation for the wet carpet spot must be your dog had an accident.

When finding a wet spot on carpet, grab for a towel and dab up the wet spot by stepping on the towel (be sure to put a shoe on).  The pressure of your stepping on the towel will help the towel to absorb the urine in the carpet.  Another alternative to using a towel would be to get a handful of paper towels and use them as you would the towel.

The worst thing you could do would be to let the urine spot sit on the carpet. The urine spot should be dealt with immediately.  Leaving the urine to sit on the carpet will create even more of a funky dog urine smell in your house and the smell of the urine will encourage your pet to mark there again and again.

Getting Rid of Dog Urine Smell with a Carpet Shampoo

Special carpet shampoos are available which are specially formulated for removing pet odors.  To use this type of carpet cleaner you will need to use a carpet steam cleaner.  Using a steam cleaner may seem like a lot of work but you will get rid of dog urine smell and your house will be fresh smelling.

Professional Steam Cleaning Services

You can hire out the carpet cleaning without spending a fortune.  Coupons for local steam cleaning services can be found in newspapers.  Many steam cleaning companies run special sales, so call and find out what deals are available.

Spot Cleaning

If you are currently potty training your puppy or adult dog and accidents are frequent, you may want to use a carpet freshening powder.  There are carpet powders available formulated for getting rid of dog urine smell.  These types of powders are inexpensive and are a quick (temporary) fix for getting rid of funky pet odors fast.  You simply sprinkle the powder onto carpet, then follow the directions on the box.  Most brand recommend letting the powder sit on the carpet for about 5 minutes and then vacuuming up.

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Don’t let dog urine smell take over your house.

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