How to Make a Dog Bed

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How to make a dog bedLearning how to make a dog bed the easy way without spending a bunch of money.  Have you ever wanted to make a dog bed for your favorite dog?  Maybe you don’t want to spend a fortune on a dog bed but still want your pet to relax in comfort?

Whether you make your own dog bed or choose to buy a dog bed there are some key features you will be wanting:

  • Washable Dog Bed – For obvious reasons, the dog bed should be washable.  A new dog bed may get smelly in just two weeks, can you image how disappointed you would be if you had spent time and money gathering all the materials to make a dog bed and then actually making a dog bed, only to have the bed be stinky and un-washable.  What a waste!Another reason to have a washable dog bed is fleas.  By having a washable dog bed, you will be able to break the life cycle of fleas.  If your dog has fleas, use fleabusters and throw the dogs bed into the washing machine.
  • Dog Bed Comfort – Dogs love their dog beds.  Your dog is a member of your family and deserved a comfortable bed to sleep in.  Make a dog bed with comfort for your dog in mind.
  • Dog Bed Size – You should factor in the size of your dog when making a dog bed or shopping for a dog bed.   All dogs want to feel comfortable, secure and safe while sleeping.  Most dogs, especially smaller breeds, enjoy the feeling of  their bed cuddling them.  Of course there are exceptions.  Before you make a dog bed, be sure to measure your dog while he or she is laying down and then add at least 10 inches for the dog to stretch out. This would be the idea size dog bed for your dog.
  • Dog Bed Filler – Most dog beds have one of two different types filler.  Solid foam or stuffing filler.  When you make a dog bed for a larger dog, or an older dog, it’s a good idea to use memory foam as a filler.  Memory foam will help cushion and support your old dog’s joints and help your dog to be comfortable.

How to Make a Dog Bed From Fleece

Fleece is a wonderful, washable fabric to make a dog bed out of.  You may make a dog bed from fleece by sewing up fleece in a simple pillow case the size you want your dog bed to be.  Then insert some old pillows.  Making a dog bed like this is a fast and easy project.  You may want to sew up more than one fleece cover, so you can always have a clean dog bed cover on hand.

Here are some free patterns pillow cases:

  1. Free Simple Pillow Case Pattern from Kaboose
  2. Free Pillow Case Pattern from CraftGossip

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How to Make a Dog Bed Out of an Old Sleeping Bag

Making a dog bed out of an old sleeping bag is probably one of the easiest ways to make a dog bed.  This bed will be washable and you will be able to insert a foam pad or pillow into the bed for extra comfort for your dog.

Here’s what you will need:

  • An old sleeping bag.  If you don’t have an old sleeping bag, you could ask friend or pick one up cheap at a garage sale, flea market, or thrift store.
  • A sewing machine or sewing needle and thread.  To make a dog bed from a sleeping bag, you will only need to sew one seam.
  • Filler cushion. You can use a few old pillows, some old towels, an old blanket, or if you really want to spoil your dog, use some memory foam.
  • Scissors.  To make the dog bed, you will need scissors which will be able to cut through a sleeping bag.

Make a Dog Bed – The Construction:

  1. Take the old sleeping bag and cut it to the size you are wanting.  You will be cutting off the top (the part where your head would stick out if you were in the sleeping bag.  You will actually make a dog bed from the bottom area of the sleeping bag, where your feet would go).   Keeping the sleeping bag zipped up to just below where you will be cutting off the excess sleeping bag so you get the prefect sized dog bed for your dog.  To clarified, the area of the sleeping bag you will be cutting off will be unzipped.  You want to make sure when you make a dog bed that the zipper is actually on the area you will be making the dog bed out of.
  2. Now you will sew the raw edges shut.  These are the edges you just cut.  You can use a sewing machine or sew the opening shut by hand.
  3. Open the zipper and insert the filler in the sleeping bag.  The filler can be old pillows, blankets, a piece of egg crate foam or memory foam.
  4. With the filler in place, zip the sleeping bag shut.
  5. Woo hoo!  You just learned how to make a dog bed!

Washing your sleeping bag dog bed will be easy.  Simply remove the filling and throw the sleeping bag dog bed in the washing machine.

How to Make a Dog Bed – More Free Dog Bed Patterns

  • Pillow case dog bed.  This dog bed sewing pattern uses a pre-made pillow case and is is easy a child could make it.  You can make a dog bed using the free pattern here.
  • Large sized dog bed pattern.  This dog bed looks good but the pattern does require some sewing skills and a sewing machine.  You can find the free large dog bed pattern here.
  • I love this pattern for a four poster bed dog bed!  If you are handy with wood, you may want make a dog bed like this by following this free dog bed pattern here.
  • Here’s a NO SEW dog bed pattern!  This is a great project made out of fleece and you can make a dog bed like this in just a few hours.  The free dog bed pattern is here.
  • Are you wanting to make a dog bed for a smaller dog?  This cute dog bed can be sewing up in just a few hours.  You can find it here.

How to Make a Dog Bed From Old Jeans

This is an easy – how to make a dog bed from old jeans – video.  Seems like a very simple bed to put together.   I would recommend saving up more than one pair of old jeans and making a larger bed, unless of course your have a very small dog.  I think I would also rather make a washable case the pillow part could slide into.



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