How to Stop Dog Barking – Control Excessive Barking

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Stop Dog BarkingHow to stop dog barking.  If you have a dog who barks for hours and end and it’s driving you nuts, then you need to do something to stop the barking now.

Dogs are not born yappers.  Most barking problems are a result of the owners inadequacy.  Some dogs have learned to be barkers through sheer boredom.  Excessive barking is one of the most common problems a dog owner will experience and bored dog is the #1 reason why dogs bark endlessly.

Stop Dog Barking Now

Top Reasons Why Dogs Bark and Bark and Bark:

1.  Boredom – Bored dogs will make up games to entertain themselves and a dog favorite to combat boredom is to bark.  A bored dog will bark anywhere and at anything.  If your dog is alone all day long then they are probably lonely, which is leading to their barking excessively.  Dogs are like kids and they yearn for your attention.  A bored dog will bark at birds, cats, toys, food, they will literally bark at anything trying to get its attention.

2.  Discipline Gone Wrong – Dogs will bark out of habit.  If your dog is barking out of control in the backyard and you go outside and get your dog sot he neighbors don’t complain, then you are just reinforcing the barking.  Essentially the dog is learning that when they bark, they will get let into the house.  So what happens when you go to work the following day?  You guessed it, your dog is going to bark all day long, wanting you to let them into the house.

3 .  Protective Barking – Some dogs may fall into this category.  Dogs who are overly protective of their turf and people.  Protective barking is the hardest of all excessive barking to stop.

How to Stop Dog Barking

The quickest and easiest method to stop dog barking is the squirt gun method to stop excessive barking.  This method of using water to stop dog barking is very effective with both bored and habitual barkers.  When done properly, you will notice less and less barking as the days go by.  Some people have reported results in as little as four days but remember all dogs are different so using the squirt gun method may take as long as 3 weeks for your dog to understand.

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Bored barkers can benefit from getting more active.  Going for long daily walks, playing fetch, etc, will help alleviate your dog’s boredom and lesson or stop dog barking.

Learning how to stop dog barking will help not only your family but will also help prevent problems with neighbors.

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