Is Your Dog a Fat Dog?

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A fat dog may look cute to some people, but did you know that by overfeeding and under exercising your dog you could be cutting it’s life short and or lowering the dog’s quality of life?

As American’s get fatter and fatter, there has also been an increase of obesity in dogs. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of all dogs in the USA are considered obese dogs.  22% of dog owners thought their dog was within the normal range of weight, when in fact their dog was obese.  The increase of overweight dogs is due to dogs consuming more calories than they are burning. So while you may not think you are feeding your dog too much food, you may find your dog still has a weight problem.

A fat dog is more susceptible to both heart disease and diabetes. Excess weight may also cause other health conditions such as weakened joints. Imagine, all that extra weight pulling on your dog’s frame. Owners of larger breed dogs which may be prone to hip dysplasia should pay extra attention to their dogs weight. If your dog has arthritis, carrying around extra weight could cause tears in ligaments.

A fat dog isn’t necessarily born to be fat. Dogs are born with an internal hunger control mechanism which signals their brain when they have consumed enough calories for the day. The dog’s built in sensor telling it not to eat more can stop working the way nature designed it to.

Fat Dog – What’s Causing Your Pet to Gain Weight?

Just like obesity in people, too many dog treats, snacking between meals, and not enough exercise will lead to an overweight dog.

Do you think you have the world’s fattest dog?

What should you do to slim down your fat dog?

The best thing you could do to prevent your dog from becoming a fat dog would be to control portion sizes, limit treats and snacks, and give your furry friend plenty of exercise.

If your pet is already a fat dog, seek diet advise from your vet. Severely cutting back your pet’s calorie consumption isn’t advised. A slow and steady weight loss is what is best for a fat dog.

Fat Corgi – Monitor Your Dog’s Weight

Corgis are prone to gaining weight so it’s very important to monitor your Corgi’s weight.  Limit snacks and exercise portion control so your Corgi doesn’t become a fat dog.  According to the AKC a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi should not exceed 30 pounds and a female should not exceed 28 pounds.

** The fat dog in the picture above is not my dog.

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